Enter our restaurant and immediately feel at home.

chef bistro sorrento

This is exactly how we imagine our restaurant, a place to welcome our friends and share with them our passion for great food and wine , the same passion that represents such a huge part of our life.

Our philosophy always pushes us to continually evolve and reinvent ourselves so we can offer our guests a new experience each time they visit.


Our open plan kitchen is visible to all our guests , providing an interactive experience with our super talented Chef. We are proud of the work we do and being able to watch the Chef preparing his dishes is an opera of art.

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Our ageing room is the emblem of our philosophy 'To do things properly takes time.' You will find cuts of meat that have been aged for over 100 days, enhancing its flavour and tenderness.

We dedicate time to all our dishes, from preparation to service. No step will be rushed and each dish represents our passion for perfection.


Our cellar is our flagship, it’s ideal temperature and humidity protects our treasure. Our wine list is forever growing and we have hundreds of wines from all regions of Italy, including many liqueurs.

This is another passion of ours and we are constantly adding to our collection which we look forward to sharing with you.

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